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Guide To Making Your Shop! Empty Guide To Making Your Shop!

Post by ₲₳Ⱡ₳✘¥~サイヤ人 on Sun Nov 27, 2016 12:52 am

Before we get into any specifics, let's address some basic rules:

1. The user trying to create a shop must have 125 posts.
2. Shop owners need to use spoilers when using pictures.
3. Items that are too pricey for a certain item or request are subject to change without warning.
4. Users making a request must provides pictures and a very specific description to get the most out of their request.
5. Only one shop per user.
6. Shop owners are required to post a picture of the requested item when finished in the message section of the shop.
7. Users requesting an item MUST pay the amount of points required by the shop owner, otherwise points will be removed from your account and you will receive a warning.
8. Shop owners must show a picture of the stick, stick pack, etc. of what they're selling followed by a spoiler of the picture.
9. Follow the general rules of the forum.

Now that that's out of the way, let's get onto the making of your shop.

Shop Layout:

These are strictly suggestions which I highly recommend you use for the most efficiency, but feel free to get creative ;^D
Let's start with the introduction; introduce yourself, what types of sticks you make, the name of your shop, and so on. Be sure to create some variety by changing the font size and color for an attractive layout. Second, make a section specifically for stick(s) that you've made as a reference for your customers to get a better idea of what quality you can produce. Also be sure to make a section for your stick packs, or individual sticks that are for sale that you've already made. Lastly, make a section devoted to people looking for a custom request, being a stick pack, stick, stick effect, fullbody, bg's, and so on. That's about it, be sure to take these ideas and mix them with your own to get the best looking shop on the block!

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