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Creating a tutorial! Empty Creating a tutorial!

Post by ₲₳Ⱡ₳✘¥~サイヤ人 on Sat Nov 26, 2016 10:34 pm

A common misconception about Pivot tutorials I've seen is that people seem to think single animations can teach people. They give no explanation as to what they did, and in some cases, neglect to even mention what the tutorial is supposed to be teaching.

So, I've made a list of rules regarding tutorials that you submit to prevent situations like this occurring again, and some other things people may be forgetting.

1. You MUST explain what the tutorial is about, and how you did it. Frame by frame accounts with links to .piv files and .gif animations are vital. Single animations followed by "please rate" will not be tolerated.

2. The presentation of your tutorial counts for a lot. Your grammar must be correct (paragraphs, punctuation, spelling etc.) and simple to accommodate foreign members and people new to Pivot.

3. If the tutorial is complex and requires over 1MB's worth of .gif and .jpeg files, please put a 56k warning in the subject bar.

4. If you are a beginner, please do not submit common tutorials such as fighting, walking or running. Only submit a tutorial if you truly believe that what you are contributing is absolutely unique and/or helpful.

5. Many tutorials contain links to .pivs, and therefore .stk files. Whatever files you take from these .pivs must be credited for should you use it in an animation of your own.

Best of luck!
~FlareS Rank Team

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