Guidelines On Organizing a Collab

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Guidelines On Organizing a Collab Empty Guidelines On Organizing a Collab

Post by ₲₳Ⱡ₳✘¥~サイヤ人 on Sat Nov 26, 2016 3:35 pm

To make a collab you need to include the following details:
1.A rough idea of what the collab is about (can brainstorm for further development).
2.Dimensions that all animations included are to be made in.
3.The due date of the collaboration.
4.The frame minimum and maximum requirements.
5.The specific animator level required (specify it's for everyone if you have no rule on this).
6.Whether joints are valid or not.
7.You must have over 150 posts, just to assure the collab won't be a complete fail.
8.And last but not least, only one collab running at a time per person.

To join a collab you need to follow all of the rules specified by the thread creator. Questions can be asked in the thread.


1. Make sure you have over 150 posts
2. Check the forum, make sure there aren't any other competitions going with the same idea.
3. Try to make the prizes unique, not just a photoshop sig, but something like a membership to a site you know, something that really makes people wanna try.
4. 3-4 judges are often enough, so please don't hyperinflate the judge positions.
5. Pay attention to your collabs and keep track of your members and their entries.
6. You can't have more than one collab running at a time, this is for fail-avoiding purposes.

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